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These popular and fully waterproof padded coats from Animate are ideal for those cold, wet winter days.  

They are available in Black, Brown and Red

Waterproof Dog Coats from Animate Pet Products

Type C (No Collar) Padded

Fur-Lined Camel Watch Tartan

8”    (20cm)

10”  (26cm)

12”  (30cm)

14”  (36cm)

16”  (41cm)

18”  (46cm)

20”  (51cm)

22”  (56cm)

24”  (61cm)

26”  (66cm)

28”  (71cm)

30”  (77cm)

32” (81cm)

34” (86)cm

Trade Brochure

To determine the size of coat required, please measure from the bottom of the neck to the base of the tail.
Please note: Whilst this will work for most dogs it is not guaranteed to be correct.

How do you determine the size of a dog coat?